Thursday, 21 July 2011

How's my hair? 001

I've been wearing my hair like this a lot recently. It looks effortless and easy for those busy summer days. It does take slightly longer to achieve than some hairstyles but I love the fact it can last for days - although I do tend to wash my hair everyday (I can't stand my hair being dirty!) 

 I know the whole 'ombre look' had been slightly over done but now the hype has died down I think its time for me to take the plunge and give it a go. However diy ombreing my hair myself...I'm not so sure about?! Have any of you given it a go yourselves? I'd love to know how easy you found it?!

-Hannah Kimberley ♥


p.s only three more sleeps till my holiday - not that I'm counting or anything! I'm thinking of doing a little holiday packing series 'What's in my hand luggage?' etcccc so if you'd like to see that then keep a look out!


  1. your hair looks amazing :) ♥

  2. As my hair is pretty dark I didn't want to attempt to dip dye it myself so I went to the hairdressers! I have heard it is fairly easy though.

    I always find it interesting to see what other people carry in their bags!

  3. Love it !

    Klaudia B.

  4. Love your hair! Have a blast on holiday.
    I've DIY'ed ombre, buy hair bleach and scrunch on ends. x hivenn

  5. Looks great! I've been letting mine air-dry and go wavy lately due to pure laziness haha

    Come by and my Hello Mellow giveaway if you like!

  6. I wish my hair would look like this but it's so stubborn when it comes to waves or curls :)
    gorgeous!! x

  7. I like your hair!

  8. Love your hair, what did you use to get the curls? I wear mine quite similar using a big tonged hair curler but it takes forever. Ive just ombred my hair, i love it. Im naturally blond though so my hairdressing friend had to do it

  9. Thank you girls!

    @Emma Louise - I use the babyliss small tong. It heats up super fast and takes me about ten minutes to do my whole head and my hair is quite thick so its great! I think I might go to my hairdressers to get mine done - i dont think I have the guts! xo