Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Review - Nivea 'Tinted moisturising day cream'

 I've always been a foundation kinda girl so my love for this product surprises no one more than myself!

Nivea say: Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream enriched with Light reflecting pigments and vitamin E, provides the skin with essential intensive moisture and enhances your natural skin tone all day long.
 - With a special blend of light-reflecting and colour pigments this light daily moisturiser brightens up your complexion.
- With UVA/UVB filters and Vitamin E, it helps to protect from environmental influences that result in premature ageing.

I say: I know there are very mixed opinions out there on this product - a Marmite product if ever there was one! You either love it or hate it.  
As I mentioned above I have always been a foundation kinda girl. This time last year I wouldn't have even considered a tinted moisturiser however the older I get the more my confidence seems to grow and I finally feel comfortable enough to wear less coverage. This seems to be the perfect product for me in terms of coverage as it's lighter than a foundation but still overs good build able coverage which disguises redness and pores. It's a thick consistency but still feels very light on my skin and perfectly evens out my complexion.
It comes in two shades 'Natural' and 'Bronze.' I picked up Natural which is still fairly dark so if you are lighter than id say a NC25 I doubt this will match your skin tone - here's hoping they take note and release a lighter shade! I know some people say it leaves them with an orange tinge but I can honestly say it transfers onto my skin without even a tint of orange. Like all Nivea products it smells just like the signature Nivea scent which I don't particularly mind, its not a strong smell but it does last on the skin.
Before applying I usually cleanse and prime my face then apply with my fingers just like I would with a normal moisturiser and then conceal any blemishes and set with a powder. My only slight frustration with the application is it dries very fast so if you don't work quickly with it, it becomes extremely difficult to blend. A quick tip here is to apply it to your face in sections and then you shouldn't come across any problems!

A few of you may know from previous posts I recently returned from my holiday so have a slight tan which this tined moisturiser enhances better than any I have previously tried. I actually find myself looking forward to apply this in the mornings which Ive not experienced before!

For a fraction of the price of a foundation at £4.50 from Boots I urge you to try this before the end of Summer you may just save yourself some money!

Have any of you tried this before? Are you a lover or hater?! 

-Hannah Kimberley ♥



  1. Love this review! I'm so pale, I doubt it'd match me but i'd love to try a tinted moisturiser in general .x hivenn

  2. I just bought it. It smells really nice too. :)