Thursday, 18 August 2011

'Minx' Nail Foils

Yuk - how do you make feet look pretty?!

Just a quick post whilst I take a break from packing as I'm off away tomorrow to Turkey for 11 days. When I say packing I'm mostly being distracted my Celebrity Big Brother - I can't get enough of trash TV!
I thought id just give you a little insight into my trip to the Salon. My Mum kindly booked us in to have 'Minx' nail foils in preparation for the beach! Many salons offer the 'Minx' nail foils now if you have a look around you should be able to find one near you.

How do they apply the 'Minx' foils?

Firstly I started by choosing the foils I wanted and I opted for a gold and black pyramid pattern which I think will look gorgeous with a tan. There weren't too many to choose from from the salon I went to but the choices they did have were great.
The nail technician then heated the foils so they would stick to my nails and filed the foils to fit.
And it's that easy...usually...
However my nails are apparently very tiny so a little glue was needed to secure them!  

How long will they last?

I was assured the foils will last 6 weeks -at least which seems like a long time so we shall see! As I'm off away tomorrow she did suggest to apply a topcoat of varnish to help last on the beach.

How much did they cost?

They cost £24.00.

How long did they take to apply?

They took 20 -30mins to apply but can differ on the Nail Technician.

Overall I was really impressed with the final result and fingers crossed they stand the wear of the beach! (I'll be sure to let you all know how they fared don't worry!)

Have any of you tried the 'Minx' nail foils? How long did they last for you?

- Hannah Kimberley ♥



  1. O they look lovely! i hope you have a lovely holiday :) I've nominated you for a blog award if you want to have a go!xx

  2. These are such a good idea, especially for your toes!!! You've definitely inspired me to go and get my toes done for my holiday in 4 days! I hope you have a lovely time in Turkey!!! :)

    Gem x