Friday, 23 September 2011

My Filofax

Meet my new love - my filofax.  
The world of the filofax grabbed my attention after seeing several blog posts a few months ago but after looking at the prices of so many I just couldn't justify it. Recently I've had so many dates, shift hours, appointments running around in my head I needed somewhere to be able to write them all down. Originally I was after just a basic diary to keep in my bag but my forever wandering eyes of course couldn't miss the big 'filofax' display standing in the middle of the shop. Can you believe I picked this gorgeous hot pink leather look filofax up for just £20? The pink filofax also represents the 'Breast Cancer Campaign' so not only did I find the perfect filofax for me but I did my good deed for the day too. When you purchase this organiser £2.20 is donated to 'Breast Cancer Campaign.'
I've had people ask 'Why don't you just use your iphone to write everything down in? But there's just something so much more satisfying in hand writing it and having it there infront of you, isnt there?!

- Hannah Kimberley


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Review - Good Things 'Miracle Mattifier'

After being on holiday and recently using Panoxyl (which does not seem to agree with my skin at all) i have been dealing with a skin nightmare. Think horror scene nightmare repeating itself over and over again!
 I usually have normal to combination skin but at the moment it's taking the term combination to an extreme! My chin is as dry as the Sahara desert yet my forehead resembles an oil slick, mmm any girls dream. After throwing my Nivea 'Daily essentials' moisturiser quite literally out the window in a rage of pain from it stinging my dry skin so badly a new moisturiser was in desperate need. This is where Good Things 'Miracle Mattifier' moisturiser comes in. Originally I was looking for a couple of products from the Superdrug 'Vitamin E' range but then this caught my eye. Having only every heard good things from friends, blogs& YouTube videos AND it being on special offer it had to be worth a try right?

The 'Miracle Mattifier' is from the 'Anti blemish' range of the Good Things products. Alice Hart-Davis a British beauty journalist and author developed the products with the help of a technical side to make the most out of young skin. She described the 'Anti blemish' range as "When puberty hits, your hormones go haywire and you need extra help from your skincare to keep oiliness and spots under control. The anti-blemish range gently helps clear excess oil without stripping your skin of all moisture, while anti-bacterial superfruit extracts reduce inflammation and tackle spots head-on".

What really stood out to me about this moisturiser apart from being aimed at young skin is that its free from all bad chemicals, parabens, animal ingredients and artificial oils. Having never tried a product without all the rubbish they put in most products I wanted to see if I'd be able to see a noticeable difference whether it be in texture or appearance. I wouldn't say theres a noticeable difference in appearance since Ive been using it but it defiantly feels a lot more soft so must be doing some good. The most noticeable difference it has made to me is balancing my skin goodbye combination and hello normal. Being a matte moisturiser it unsurprisingly leaves a matte finish on the skin perfect for using underneath my foundation as a base. Especially on days I fancy wearing my Estee Laudee 'Double Wear' which as many of you who use it will know is not the easiest of foundations to blend.

The moisturiser comes in a pretty simple flip-open lid and squeezey tube bottle holding 100ml. The tube itself its looks white at first glance but is more an extremely pale bluey purple. I like the simple brand logo which although its aimed at young skin isn't overly young looking which none of us really want lets be honest. It sits subtly in my bathroom without looking garish& in your face like some product packages.

I much prefer the smell of this to any moisturisers I have previously tried. It's not over powering like some but it defiantly has a scent which personally I don't think lingers for very long especially if your putting make up over the top which I prefer. I don't particularly like my face smelling of anything, I like to leave that to my hair! The moisturiser contains 'Blackcurrant' and 'Goji Berry' and having never heard of goji berry I couldn't tell you if it smelt like it but blackcurrant I have smelt and that is defiantly a noticeable note. Fresh and fruity sums this up well.

You can pick Good Things products up here at their website or from most drugstores.
'Miracle Mattifier' retails for £7.99 but I picked mine up on special off at Superdrug recently so have a look out for any offers!

-Hannah Kimberley


Monday, 12 September 2011

Expanding shoe collection

I've never been a shoes type of girl and thinking about it Ive never been a bags or jewellery type of girl either. I know what some of you are thinking! Clothes and make up was where most of money seems to have been spent but recently things seem to have changed. Four pairs of shoes in two weeks, FOUR- what has happened to me?! It wasn't long ago I owned just four pairs of shoes in total. This new love affair for anything that fit on my feet has hit me (and my bank balance!) hard.

Here are my latest purchase in my rapidly expanding shoe collection. I brought a similar pair from the online store 'CHOCKERS' a few months back but returned them so have been meaning to pick some up like this for a while. Has any one ordered from 'CHOCKERS'? If you haven't and are thinking about ordering from there I would seriously think again. I had possibly the worst, most infuriating experience with them from them not getting back to emails, no free return shipping and waiting so long for delivery.

I stuck to the much more simple and easy 'go into a shop, try on and buy' to pick up these at the weekend. They are from New Look and cost £24.99. I love the choice New Look offer for such reasonable prices the only problem is everyone else seems to think the same so you can't be sure the girl next to you when your out won't be wearing the same! The pictures don't do these justice but you can see they are pretty simple - a black swede texture, wedge heel and peep toe.

Happy Monday everyone!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Turkey Holiday Snaps

After finally getting round to uploading my pictures from Turkey I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you. I had such a great ten days relaxing and enjoying the sunshine with my family looking at the pictures is giving me serious holiday nostalgia!

I hope you are all well! ♥

-Hannah Kimberley