Monday, 12 September 2011

Expanding shoe collection

I've never been a shoes type of girl and thinking about it Ive never been a bags or jewellery type of girl either. I know what some of you are thinking! Clothes and make up was where most of money seems to have been spent but recently things seem to have changed. Four pairs of shoes in two weeks, FOUR- what has happened to me?! It wasn't long ago I owned just four pairs of shoes in total. This new love affair for anything that fit on my feet has hit me (and my bank balance!) hard.

Here are my latest purchase in my rapidly expanding shoe collection. I brought a similar pair from the online store 'CHOCKERS' a few months back but returned them so have been meaning to pick some up like this for a while. Has any one ordered from 'CHOCKERS'? If you haven't and are thinking about ordering from there I would seriously think again. I had possibly the worst, most infuriating experience with them from them not getting back to emails, no free return shipping and waiting so long for delivery.

I stuck to the much more simple and easy 'go into a shop, try on and buy' to pick up these at the weekend. They are from New Look and cost £24.99. I love the choice New Look offer for such reasonable prices the only problem is everyone else seems to think the same so you can't be sure the girl next to you when your out won't be wearing the same! The pictures don't do these justice but you can see they are pretty simple - a black swede texture, wedge heel and peep toe.

Happy Monday everyone!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥



  1. How cute are they ?
    Super cute !

  2. gorgeous, love them! I know what you mean about not really being a bags or shoes girl, I'm definitely a clothes and makeup girl too! xx

  3. These are so lovely! New look always do the best shoes, especially at cheap prices :) xx