Thursday, 19 May 2011

My answer to forever thinning leggings- Topshop, High-waisted, Check!

Good Morning.

A couple of weeks ago i went shopping in my local town and have found the answer to thinning, holey black leggings!!

I am a great lover of black leggings and have been for many years. They are a staple item of an ever growing wardrobe! BUT i have lost count over the years at how many pairs I have had to buy.
 Most of the pairs  I have bought seem good quality at first but after many washes and being pulled on and off just don't last. The material becomes thin and see-through (which is a MASSIVE pet peeve of mine. Girls- if you can see your knickers through them they need throwing away!)  I must have tried leggings from every high street shop ; River Island, Miss Selfridge, Topshop. Asos, H&M, M&S, New look, Primark always looking for the perfect pair that will last but always seem to have to buy another. Until now!

Walking into Topshop a couple of weeks ago i headed straight for the leggings section needing yet another new pair when I found these -

These leggings are thicker than the basic Topshop ones yet look almost identical looking. I was worried coming into Summer thicker leggings may not be the best idea but they haven't left me feeling any hotter than the basic ones. They have three seams running down the leg apposed to the basic ones just having two and look slightly more jodpur-esc! They have a band running across the top which adds to the comfort of any leggings and are the most comfortable leggings i have ever worn. The leggings can also be worn high-waisted due to the band and as they are thick theres no need to wear a long top or tunic to cover your bum as they suck you in and um..failing to find a better word 'firm' and lift your booty!

Go find these leggings in Topshop for £18.00 - although marginally more expensive the basic black leggings overall you will be saving yourself money in the long run! They are called High Waist Ponte Leggings and also come in a gorgeous on trend khaki colour.

 Best of all no more knickers showing girls!

Stay posted for a Brighton Haul coming up!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

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  1. wOw, should go and buy myself ones like these