Thursday, 19 May 2011

Its all in the details...

I have recently been thinking about my blog and as well as talking about new products and reviewing items I wanted to make it more personal so anyone reading this can get to know me better.
Whenever I have anything to share, rant or rave about to do with myself I will use this title!

So where do I begin...

♥ I am addicted to shopping even more so than normal at the moment, my family are starting to wonder if I have a problem, I cant even seem to be able to pop into Sainsburys without wandering down the haircare and skincare aisles and finding something I just have to have. I seem to find myself daydreaming of shopping!
♥My little brother (when i say little he is now 6ft 1 and 17years old) has just passed his driving test that makes me a very proud sister.- I don't think I'm ever going to live down being beaten on the number of minors he got!
♥ I have seemed to unintentionally end up in black and white all week going for the Monochrome look adding accessories for a splash of colour.

♥ My diet has well and truly failed now and only ended up lasting a week in total, what with all the uneaten Easter eggs left around its just too darn hard to resist!
♥ I have become a little bit addicted in going to the gym although I don't seem to work half as hard as I should and must start taking full advantage. ( I much prefer to watch the 'buff' for use of a better word guys working up a sweat!)
♥ I dyed my hair this week a dark brown which did in actual fact turn out darker than I would have liked but what can ya do aye. I expect several washes and some sunlight will lighten it up in no time.
♥For several years now I have been supporting the side parting, sweeping side fringe look and I finally think its time for a change, so today I bit the bullet and rocked a middle parting. Seeing myself with a middle parting does look bizarre for me but I'm hoping ill get used to it and can pull it off - ill keep you updated!

I'm sure everybody out there is very glad it is Friday tomorrow so I hope you all have a b-e-a-utiful day to end the week!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

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