Saturday, 21 May 2011

Collective Haul.

Hi everyone :)

Ive been pretty bad over the last week when i was supposed to be on a shopping ban saving up for summer so i thought id share with you a few things i got.
I went to Brighton at the weekend and as much as I love Brighton for shopping and the variety of shops there, does anyone else always find that it is just SO busy. Crowds of people, long ques and stuffy shops are just no fun- not to mention it was the London to Brighton mini run which just added more chaos! I didn't manage to make it to all the shops i wanted to which is an excuse for another trip there soon!

Strangely there are two H&Ms in Brighton as the one that was there first just isn't big enough for all the stock i assume, so i obviously i had to pop into both just to check i hadn't missed anything in the other one! Oddly i did find myself feeling slightly over whelmed by the size of the new store and all the stock I just didn't quite know where to look first. Firstly I picked up a basic black over sized semi sheer top, you can wear this on your shoulders as it has a slightly different 'cow' neckline. I personally like to wear it off the shoulder though, its really simple to wear team with jeans or denim shorts add some jewelery your ready to go!

 I also picked up a suede feeling tan colour bracelet with a gold clasp which i am in love with and matching tan, suede-esc plaited headband which i also got in cream. They just add a little detail to a high bun or natural hair and have a slight boho/festival feel to them, perfect for summer.

As usual I cant resist popping into Primark to have a mooch and this trip was no exception. My favourite section of Primark is the Secret Obsessions lingerie range they do, i always manage to find some beyond gorgeous underwear sets, although the quality isn't the best for that kind of price I'm not complaining. With Summer nearly here and holidays getting closer Ive been on the lookout for bikinis and spotted this red and white polka dot bandeau one. I'm really into the bandeau style this year as i hate tan lines and always end up tucking the straps in on triangle bikinis anyway. Its really useful that you can mix and match sizes in with the Primark bikinis as well because realistically not everyone is one size on the top and bottom. I also love the colour as dark brown hair and red compliment each other perfectly.
Sorry it wouldn't let me turn the picture around!
For the past 6 months i have lived in a pair of denim Jeggings i picked up from Hollister which have sadly now had to be binned due to over wearing! So i was desperately on the look out for a replacement pair. I can't stand Jeans at the moment as I cant move in them and am just constantly uncomfortable but I also cant stand the elasticated waist jeggings- i am very picky! That narrowed down the search to Jeggings with buttons and a zip just like jeans which I found after looking around for a while from Topshop. They are the Leigh Jeans and are super thin so movable and comfortable. I love the slight tie-dye effect across the thighs and the roll up bottoms. I can see myself living in these for the next 6 months if this typical English weather sticks around!

Turn ups at the bottom

During this last week I ventured into my local town a couple of times on the hunt for a product Ive heard a little about but hadn't been able to find. The vo5 'Plumping Powder'.
 I am always interested in trying products that claim to give extra volume and 'omph' to wanted to give it a go. I'm still undecided on whether or not i like the product, it does what it says and does give that added volume but the texture it leaves your hair feeling is what I'm not loving. I have been trying to think of how to explain the texture but cant put it into words, it has a mattefying effect and honestly just leaves mine feeling like I want to wash it! I'm going to continue using it for longer and will no doubt let you all know my verdict.

Finally my favourite item I picked up this week has to be a pair of high waisted chinos. They are a stone colour and a very light weight material which will make them perfect for Spring/Summer. Although they are a chino style they are also very harem pant-esc being more loose at the top. I got these in Republic but they are by a make called 'Just Mila.' As well as coming in stone they also come in two other colours that are a darker brown and red. You also get a cute tan coloured belt added in which unlike many that come with trousers is actually very wearable.
Chinos by 'Just Mila'
I am looking for another pair of chinos but with a more tailored fit, can anyone recommend any?

I'm trying to stock up my Spring/Summer wardrobe which is why I do seem to be spending more than usual at the moment so stay updated for more hauls!

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

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