Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Stand out this Summer.

So unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months I'm sure your be aware of the trend of the season - Colour Blocking!

Browsing the shops of Manchester this weekend I realised just how big the trend is becoming on the high street. The shops are defiantly looking brighter and bolder than many Summer seasons I can remember which I'm just loving!

 After dragging my brother (very unwillingly!) around Primark for a good half an hour, I assessed just what i had 'thrown in' and to my surprise the clothes were very bright and bold. Perfect colour block colours! Just as I had mustered up enough confidence to buy the gorgeous hot pink blouse and orange shirt an irritating little voice came from my brother telling me id never wear them because they were 'too bright'. Unfortunately he was right. I tried to justify a convincing argument(to myself more than him) that he was wrong but i sadly just couldn't and so regrettably I walked away!

I did however pick up this little clutch bag I'd had my eye on for a while which although more subtle has the pink and orange I was so attracted to and a gorgeous royal blue shirt which I know may not be as out there as some of the colours spilling off the rails but seems to be the perfect transition piece for me, maybe next time ill be brave enough to embrace the colours... So that leads me to the question...

Are you confident enough to colour block? Let me know how you're adapting this trend to your wardrobe.

-Hannah Kimberley

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Collective Haul.

Hi everyone :)

Ive been pretty bad over the last week when i was supposed to be on a shopping ban saving up for summer so i thought id share with you a few things i got.
I went to Brighton at the weekend and as much as I love Brighton for shopping and the variety of shops there, does anyone else always find that it is just SO busy. Crowds of people, long ques and stuffy shops are just no fun- not to mention it was the London to Brighton mini run which just added more chaos! I didn't manage to make it to all the shops i wanted to which is an excuse for another trip there soon!

Strangely there are two H&Ms in Brighton as the one that was there first just isn't big enough for all the stock i assume, so i obviously i had to pop into both just to check i hadn't missed anything in the other one! Oddly i did find myself feeling slightly over whelmed by the size of the new store and all the stock I just didn't quite know where to look first. Firstly I picked up a basic black over sized semi sheer top, you can wear this on your shoulders as it has a slightly different 'cow' neckline. I personally like to wear it off the shoulder though, its really simple to wear team with jeans or denim shorts add some jewelery your ready to go!

 I also picked up a suede feeling tan colour bracelet with a gold clasp which i am in love with and matching tan, suede-esc plaited headband which i also got in cream. They just add a little detail to a high bun or natural hair and have a slight boho/festival feel to them, perfect for summer.

As usual I cant resist popping into Primark to have a mooch and this trip was no exception. My favourite section of Primark is the Secret Obsessions lingerie range they do, i always manage to find some beyond gorgeous underwear sets, although the quality isn't the best for that kind of price I'm not complaining. With Summer nearly here and holidays getting closer Ive been on the lookout for bikinis and spotted this red and white polka dot bandeau one. I'm really into the bandeau style this year as i hate tan lines and always end up tucking the straps in on triangle bikinis anyway. Its really useful that you can mix and match sizes in with the Primark bikinis as well because realistically not everyone is one size on the top and bottom. I also love the colour as dark brown hair and red compliment each other perfectly.
Sorry it wouldn't let me turn the picture around!
For the past 6 months i have lived in a pair of denim Jeggings i picked up from Hollister which have sadly now had to be binned due to over wearing! So i was desperately on the look out for a replacement pair. I can't stand Jeans at the moment as I cant move in them and am just constantly uncomfortable but I also cant stand the elasticated waist jeggings- i am very picky! That narrowed down the search to Jeggings with buttons and a zip just like jeans which I found after looking around for a while from Topshop. They are the Leigh Jeans and are super thin so movable and comfortable. I love the slight tie-dye effect across the thighs and the roll up bottoms. I can see myself living in these for the next 6 months if this typical English weather sticks around!

Turn ups at the bottom

During this last week I ventured into my local town a couple of times on the hunt for a product Ive heard a little about but hadn't been able to find. The vo5 'Plumping Powder'.
 I am always interested in trying products that claim to give extra volume and 'omph' to wanted to give it a go. I'm still undecided on whether or not i like the product, it does what it says and does give that added volume but the texture it leaves your hair feeling is what I'm not loving. I have been trying to think of how to explain the texture but cant put it into words, it has a mattefying effect and honestly just leaves mine feeling like I want to wash it! I'm going to continue using it for longer and will no doubt let you all know my verdict.

Finally my favourite item I picked up this week has to be a pair of high waisted chinos. They are a stone colour and a very light weight material which will make them perfect for Spring/Summer. Although they are a chino style they are also very harem pant-esc being more loose at the top. I got these in Republic but they are by a make called 'Just Mila.' As well as coming in stone they also come in two other colours that are a darker brown and red. You also get a cute tan coloured belt added in which unlike many that come with trousers is actually very wearable.
Chinos by 'Just Mila'
I am looking for another pair of chinos but with a more tailored fit, can anyone recommend any?

I'm trying to stock up my Spring/Summer wardrobe which is why I do seem to be spending more than usual at the moment so stay updated for more hauls!

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Its all in the details...

I have recently been thinking about my blog and as well as talking about new products and reviewing items I wanted to make it more personal so anyone reading this can get to know me better.
Whenever I have anything to share, rant or rave about to do with myself I will use this title!

So where do I begin...

♥ I am addicted to shopping even more so than normal at the moment, my family are starting to wonder if I have a problem, I cant even seem to be able to pop into Sainsburys without wandering down the haircare and skincare aisles and finding something I just have to have. I seem to find myself daydreaming of shopping!
♥My little brother (when i say little he is now 6ft 1 and 17years old) has just passed his driving test that makes me a very proud sister.- I don't think I'm ever going to live down being beaten on the number of minors he got!
♥ I have seemed to unintentionally end up in black and white all week going for the Monochrome look adding accessories for a splash of colour.

♥ My diet has well and truly failed now and only ended up lasting a week in total, what with all the uneaten Easter eggs left around its just too darn hard to resist!
♥ I have become a little bit addicted in going to the gym although I don't seem to work half as hard as I should and must start taking full advantage. ( I much prefer to watch the 'buff' for use of a better word guys working up a sweat!)
♥ I dyed my hair this week a dark brown which did in actual fact turn out darker than I would have liked but what can ya do aye. I expect several washes and some sunlight will lighten it up in no time.
♥For several years now I have been supporting the side parting, sweeping side fringe look and I finally think its time for a change, so today I bit the bullet and rocked a middle parting. Seeing myself with a middle parting does look bizarre for me but I'm hoping ill get used to it and can pull it off - ill keep you updated!

I'm sure everybody out there is very glad it is Friday tomorrow so I hope you all have a b-e-a-utiful day to end the week!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

My answer to forever thinning leggings- Topshop, High-waisted, Check!

Good Morning.

A couple of weeks ago i went shopping in my local town and have found the answer to thinning, holey black leggings!!

I am a great lover of black leggings and have been for many years. They are a staple item of an ever growing wardrobe! BUT i have lost count over the years at how many pairs I have had to buy.
 Most of the pairs  I have bought seem good quality at first but after many washes and being pulled on and off just don't last. The material becomes thin and see-through (which is a MASSIVE pet peeve of mine. Girls- if you can see your knickers through them they need throwing away!)  I must have tried leggings from every high street shop ; River Island, Miss Selfridge, Topshop. Asos, H&M, M&S, New look, Primark always looking for the perfect pair that will last but always seem to have to buy another. Until now!

Walking into Topshop a couple of weeks ago i headed straight for the leggings section needing yet another new pair when I found these -

These leggings are thicker than the basic Topshop ones yet look almost identical looking. I was worried coming into Summer thicker leggings may not be the best idea but they haven't left me feeling any hotter than the basic ones. They have three seams running down the leg apposed to the basic ones just having two and look slightly more jodpur-esc! They have a band running across the top which adds to the comfort of any leggings and are the most comfortable leggings i have ever worn. The leggings can also be worn high-waisted due to the band and as they are thick theres no need to wear a long top or tunic to cover your bum as they suck you in and um..failing to find a better word 'firm' and lift your booty!

Go find these leggings in Topshop for £18.00 - although marginally more expensive the basic black leggings overall you will be saving yourself money in the long run! They are called High Waist Ponte Leggings and also come in a gorgeous on trend khaki colour.

 Best of all no more knickers showing girls!

Stay posted for a Brighton Haul coming up!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sneak preview - Oasis New Vintage Range!

Oasis's New Spring/Summer Vintage range comes into stores next Monday and I don't think it'll be there  long judging by these gorgeous sneak preview pieces!

Wedding seaon is fastly approaching and these are the perfect dresses and accessories to help you stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to check out Oasis on Monday!

Rosa Print Prom Dress £110

Neck Scarf £16

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Let me help you find your perfect blush.

Meet my favourite blush of the moment that got me through the winter...Mac Powder Blush in Pinch Me.

Summer is on its way which is the perfect excuse for a new blusher- follow my guide and let me do the hardwork for you! Gone are the days of just powder blush and now there is much more choice.

Let me introduce you to;

Gel Blush

  • Long lasting.
  • Subtle touch of colour.
  •  Very sheer but buildable start with a little and build up until you reach the colour you want.
  • Recommended for fair skintones.
  • Set with a powder or it will wear off oily skin.
Apply after liquid foundation using your fingers- remember to use before powdering or you will find it difficult to blend.

Cream Blush
  • Very easy to blend
  • Gives a gorgeous glow ( for a shimmery effect add a highlighter!)
  • Recommended for dry skin.
Apply with your fingertips for a natural result or synthetic brush rather than a natural bristle brush as it won't absorb the pigment.

Stain Blush

  • Give more of a flush result than bright blush causing a very natural finish.
  • Recommended for oliy skin.
  • Dry very fast .
Apply with your fingers over a creamy-based foundation as a stain blush will make your powder rub off. Blend very quickly as they dry fast.

Powder Blush

  • Great to use with Bronzer to contour.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Very buildable.
  • Great in the heat as it doesn't melt off.
  • Recommended for all skin types but make sure you prep your skin first otherwise it can cause an uneven look as dry or oily skin can hold onto the pigment more.
Apply with a brush after you have set your foundation.

Hope this helps!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

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Monday, 9 May 2011

"Barry M Gets Tan-Tastic"

Flicking through my weekly 'more!' magazine I became super excited to see Barry M has launched its first self-tan! The sun has finally started shinning here and its almost time to get those legs out from being hibernated all winter so this is just the perfect product!

Two self-tans have been released a gradual mousse and an instant spray which retail for an affordable price of £6.99, go to http://www.barrym.com/ to get yours!

While on the Barry M website i couldn't help myself having a quick peek of the new nail varnish colours which are the perfect pastel colours for spring a gorgeous 'Peach Melba' and 'Blue Moon.'


 Being a huge fan of Barry M make up and nail varnishs, I cant wait to try these new products out!

Which is your favourite Barry M nail varnish shade?

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Monday Must haves - Umberto Giannini, Glam Hair

"Volume will never go out of fashion"

Ive been really looking forward to writing my first review and wanted to review a range of products i have been using for some time and that i now cannot live without que the Umberto Giannini Glam hair range!

A couple of months ago I picked up the Backcomb in A Bottle, Sex Bomb Massive Mousse and Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray from my local boots on a 3 for £10 offer as i was looking for exactly what these products promote. Initally the glamorous black and silver packaging caught my eye straight away which was lucky as i sometimes feel slightly over whelemed picking a new product from the several hundred on the shelf but as soon as i saw the very well known Umberto Giannini name i knew i had to try it!

Now ive tried a lot of salt sprays in the past which have always left my hair feeling heavy and drab not giving the desired result of sexy beach waves which i crave so have still been on the look out for one that works for me. At first I was skeptical of what the Umberto spray promoted having been disapointed by many other brands in the past but i think i can say i have found the one that works for me and i will not be trying any others for a long while! I love the "come to bed hair" look it gives and still leaves my hair feeling fresh and light.

Moving on to the Sex Bomb Massive Mousse...Ive never been a big lover of mouses in the past nor have tried many out but after finding this little gem i have no need to look for more! This has now become a product i use reliously everyday. After washing my hair I towel dry it, throw my head upside down and scrunch the mousse into the roots. Ive always been worried about putting product into the roots of my hair fearing it will cause the hair to become greasy yet this does nothing of the sort, no build up or stickiness.  Personally i find it thickens my hair which i can really notice when blowdrying and styling giving it that extra omph i was after!

Saving the best till last (in my opinion!) the much raved about Backcomb In A Bottle. Im sure many will have heard about this last product as there seems to be not a lot out like it. Being a backcombing junkie for many years my hair has had to put up with a lot so when i heard about this i just HAD to try it! Its a miracle in a bottle for my damaged hair having to go through years of abuse! At first i thought it would be just like hairspray but i was suprised to find the textutre extremely unsticky and the texture very easy to buid with.

And remember girls... "The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips!"

I'm really interested to try more products from Umberto Giannini does anyone have any recommendations?

You can pick up the Umberto Giannini, Glam Hair range from Boots, bottles are 200ml and retail at £5.61 at the moment there is also a 3 for 2 offer.

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Sunday, 8 May 2011

A new challenge

As you can see this is my very first blog post and very first blog infact. The thought of starting a blog has always appealed to me and after reading many i decided i would take the plunge and try it for myself. I see this blog as a new challenge for me, a place for me to be completely honest, a place for me to rant and rave and hopefully interest anyone reading.

 So here is a little about me - My name is Hannah Kimberely and i am 20 years old. I have grown up and am still living in the South of England in a small town near Brighton. I have had your typical English upbringing- boarding school, countryside etc. I adore everything pretty and girly and at the moment have a real interest in vintage chic.

I spend FAR too much money on make up, fashion and haircare so keep posted for new findings! I have also recently just joined the gym and am on a health kick(or trying to be!) to shape up for summer and bikini season which i will be keeping track of on here!

I love getting to know new people so if there is anyone reading this introduce yourself below and tell me a little about you!

-Hannah Kimberely ♥