Thursday, 30 June 2011

Spending Ban!

A spending ban are my most dreaded words!
It has been running through my mind for a few weeks now and its finally time to put it into action!

My incentive is duty free - need I say more!
With a little over 3 weeks until I jet off on my holiday I felt in order to justify my long wish list of duty free goodies I hope to pick up I must stop spending.

On a week to week basis I don't tend to go on large shopping trips but I find myself picking things up little and often which soon add up to a ridiculous amount.

The rules I have set myself are;
No clothes - I have far too many I don't wear as it is
No make up - apart from a drugstore foundation as mine has just run out. I previously used the Maybelline Infallible on days I didn't want to 'waste' my Double Wear but am looking to try either the Revlon Colour stay or Bourjois Healthy mix, any suggestions?
No skin care
No nail varnish
No jewellery
No shoes

The only exceptions I plan to make on my spending ban are for holiday essentials such as deodorant, toothpaste ya know the boring necessities.

Whenever I feel I may be starting to stray i will picture the beautiful MAC counter and array of gorgeous perfumes which will snap me back on the straight and narrow - or so i hope!

Are you planning on picking anything up from Duty Free this summer?

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

Aussie '3 Minute Miracle' review

I recently posted about how I was desperately searching for something to bring my hair back to life. After  becoming a little too dependant on my Babyliss 'Glam waves' tongs my hair was in serious need of some TLC. In an attempt to save my locks I picked up a couple of cheap hair masks as a quick fix which expected didn't seem to do the job- but it was worth a try for 80p a packet!

Whilst waiting for my presciption to be processed I came across the Aussie '3 Minute Miracle.'  I chose the 'Reconstructor' as apposed to the 'Colour treatment' which seemed to be what I was after.

What Aussie say - "Our unique formula with Safflower Seed Oil helps mend split ends and roughened cuticles. It helps transform dry, damaged hair into manageable and shiny locks in just 3 minutes. Safflower Seed Oil is just one element of this soothing, smoothing elixir of life for hair in need of TLC."

This sounded like exactly what I was after and sure enough it lived up to its claims. I had never heard of Safflower Seed Oil before but anything that can do this to my hair must be good.
A huge plus in my opinion is that it works in just 3 minutes as I can still use it if I'm in a hurry and don't have much time.
 Oh Aussie, you have transformed my hair into soft, glossy healthy locks in a matter of minutes! As well as being extremely easy to use it smells just gorgeous which lingers through your hair all day. I haven't been able to stop running my hands through it since applying this morning!
I found this miracle at boots for £4.49.

Have any of your tried this or any of the Aussie products?

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Small Haul and 'Thirteen Jewellery'

Hello my new followers!

Finally here I am - every time I have gone to write this post I have been distracted reading all your beautiful blogs and time has just escaped me.

Firstly I just have a small haul to share with you of things I picked up at the beginning of the week.

I have been eyeing up these shoes from H&M for a while now and grabbed them as a last minute 'Oh go on..' as they were the last pair in my size. They come in three colours; Black, a reddish orange and a camel nude which I went for but I could have brought all three colours as they are gorgeous! I find wedges so comfortable and versatile so I know these little shoes will have a busy summer!

H&M - £24.99

I also whizzed into the mighty Superdrug (where I used my new Superdrug card :) ) whilst there to pick a few essentials (and a not so essential!) I'm running low on my Umberto Giannini mousse and saw the Got2b range on offer for 2 for £5.00. Having loved the smell of the got2b hairspray in the red bottle I picked up the mousse with the same scent and the 'glued' blasting freeze spray to try.

got2b - Two for £5.00

And onto the non essential - I just needed to try! Being an avid user of the regular batiste dry shampoo to spruce up my hair throughout the day I was very excited to try the latest addition to the range. I tried this quickly last night before going out and so far it certainly lives up to expectations!

Batiste - £3.99

Secondly I just want to mention an online jewellery shop I came across. The shop is called 'Thirteen Jewellery' to check it out visit

I placed an order for a gold leaf ring which I had been after for a while. The ring came so beautifully wrapped and packaged I was stunned at the effort made. They offer free delivery and I received my ring within 3 working days so I will defiantly be ordering again.

Gold leaf ring - £3.50

Is it just me or has this week gone so fast? I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I have a very busy weekend ahead which I am looking forward too so I'm not complaining!

Enjoy your Wednesday :)

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Monday, 27 June 2011

Liz Earle - One week update

As a few of you may or may not know I recently wrote a post saying I had finally given in and convinced myself buying the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish was the right thing to do. To be honest I think I would have always brought it it was just a question of when. I mean with 99% of the beauty community loving and raving about it - surely this product must be no short of amazing?

First impressions of the company were great. My package arrived quickly after ordering it off the Liz Earle website and the packaging and effort put in was to a very high standard. Along with the starter kit they also threw in an extra muslim cloth and a sample size of the cleanse and polish. The extra muslim cloth is a great bonus to switch up when one is in the wash and the sample size is also the perfect travel size.
Who doesn't love a freebie?

As the normal tedious bedtime routine of removing make up approached I found myself looking forward to seeing what this much loved product had to offer. Just as many reviews I read had said I couldn't believe how easily my eye make up melted away - no stinging or irritation at all. I like to make sure I have removed everything from skin so as to how much product I use it varies between 2-4 pumps. I have seen reviews of girls only having to use one pump per cleansing session(?!) but personally for me this wouldn't do the job. I think unrealistically I was expecting my skin the next day to be noticeably better. Unfortunately this wasn't the case!

Day one after using the Cleanse and Tone I couldn't tell much difference, no extra blemishes or breakouts and equally no change in appearance or texture. Day two is where I started to notice a change - extra breakouts and blemishes and by day three it was noticeable my skin had changed and not for the better like I had initially expected.

I am very aware this could all be coincidence or just my skin adjusting to a new product but I cant help feel disappointed with the results so far. Although my first reaction was to immediately stop using it I want to give it a fair chance to see if this is just an initial glitch so I am going to battle through and continue for four weeks and then its make up my mind time!

Has anyone else had similar bad experiences at first with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish?

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Sunday, 26 June 2011

OOTD - Evening drinks

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine (finally!) here is just a quick ootd which I wore in the evening for drinks with a friend in my local town.

Shirt - New look
Basic vest - Primark
Jeggings - Black Asos £11 in the sale
Shoes - New look wedges
Bangles - Asos
Ring - Dorothy Perkins

Here is the outfit I wore unstyled and unaccesorised. I tucked the shirt in and added some jewellery to glam it up slightly!

I love the lace detailing on the shoulders on this sheer shirt from New Look.

My very well worn (and loved) Black New Look wedges. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I brought these over two years ago now and they are still going strong! If you are ever in need of shoes head over to New Look, there is so much variety at such great prices.

Anyway enjoy the last of your weekend and fingers crossed this Sun is staying!!

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Body Shop haul + an extra 50%off certain sale items code!

On Wednesday I received an email from The Body Shop advertising their sale and with a 50% extra off body butters and body scrubs which are already in the sale!

Seeing as the sun has not made many appearances this Summer I seem to be reaching for my fake tan more so than usual. What is an essential item for any fake tan routine? Body scrub! And The Body Shop body scrubs smell just divine and do the perfect job. I picked up two in raspberry (one for me and one for my mumaa) and one in spiced Vanilla. They both smell yummy enough to eat! 

I think one of The Body Shops 'most known for' products has got to be the Body Butters so of course at such a great discount it would have been rude not to! I have the papaya lip balm so picked up the body butter in the same scent which I will be taking on holiday with me to moisturise my skin after a long hard day of tanning! 

Now for the best bit - are you ready for it?! The price! 
The body butters and body scrubs normally retail for £12.50. In the sale they are reduced to £6.00 then with a code The Body Shop gave me it took 50%off the sale price bringing it down to £3.00 each for 200ml. Yes just £3.00 each! Saving £9.50 per item.

I also decided to try the Strawberry shower gel so got two of those (again one for the mother) for £2.00 each. These are the perfect travel size so will be going straight into my suitcase.

Shipping is also just £1.00 at the moment and I received my order just 2 days later.

If you would like the extra 50% off code just send me an email at and hurry as this offer will not be around long!

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

New Product - Benefit 'cha cha tint'

Benefit couldn't have planned it better with the release of their new lip and cheek station 'cha cha tint.'

With everyone scouring the shops for the recent Glamour freebie tints they are at the front of every ones minds!

What Benefit say;

"This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips & cheeks with a tropical sunset hue. Smooch-proof & smudge-proof, this sheer stain will have you looking deliciously sun-kissed for hours."

Having been a lover of 'benetint' for years and recently fallen in love with' posietint' I am just so excited to try this. If you have read one of my previous posts you will know just how obsessed I am with coral at the moment so this is perfect to fuel my coral compulsion!

You can pick 'cha cha tint' up from the benefit website for £24.50.
In my opinion that is a  little pricey for a stain so I think I may be waiting for a travel size to be released as you only need a small amount and they last for ages!

Will you be rushing over to the website to buy this?

-Hannah Kimberley

Thursday, 23 June 2011

OOTD - Let the sun shine

Oh please let the sun shinee!

I have been desperately waiting to wear all my new Summer buys and I'm fed up of waiting!

I decided to brave the cold temperature and wind for this outfit in the hope for some sun!

Top - Primark £8
Vest Top -Primark £2
Chino Trousers - Just Mila £29.99
Flats - Primark £4
Belt - Primark £2
Necklace - Urban Outfitters £18

I didn't realise how much Primark I was wearing!

What do you think of Chino trousers? I find them so comfortable to wear!

- Hannah Kimberley

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Bucket List!

I came across a few of these photos on tumblr recently which inspired me to put on my Summer bucket list that I thought I would share!

What do you have on your Summer bucket list..?

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

Monday, 20 June 2011

Going Coral Crazy!

I don't think I could love the colour coral anymore if I tried at the moment!

I thought I would share my current wish list of (hopeful) coral buys...

(L-R) Topshop, Topshop, River Island, Miss guided, Miss guided, New Look.

What is your colour of the moment?

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

Sunday, 19 June 2011

If im a bird... your a bird.

I forgot how much I loved this film!
 What better way to spend a Sunday evening than sitting in at home with one of your favourite movies.

-Hannah Kimberely ♥

Friday, 17 June 2011

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I must admit I don't normally tend to go into Dorothy Perkins but whilst waiting for my car to be serviced(and trying to avoid the rain!) I wandered into my local town and with limited shops around I found myself here!

If you have the chance to pop in over the weekend I would recommend heading to the Jewelery section. There is a huge sale on with lots of gorgeous stock taking many necklaces down from £4 and rings from just £2!

I picked up these two rings for £2 each and originally they were £5.

Hurry as with such adorable pieces and great prices I'm sure they wont stick around long!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Collective mid-week haul.

How do you mend a broken heart?
Okay so not broken but I have been feeling a little sad today as I had to say goodbye to my bboyfriend for 3 months so what did I do to cheer myself up...SHOPPED!

I went shopping with my Brother on Sunday and I went today alone to just have a little wander really and ended up buying a few pieces to add to my summer wardrobe.

A very collective haul!

Whilst i was waiting for H&M to open today (it seems to open later than the other shops) i had a quick look around Republic. Ive had my eye on these shorts for a while as there so different to anything else I have and today just couldn't resist. Ive also seen a gorgeous Aztec print maxi dress in there which I was so close to buying and may have to go back for sometime this weekend!

At the weekend I popped into Topshop to check out the sale items and picked up this blue and white striped tank top for £5! I love how easy it will be to just throw on with a pair of denim shorts on holiday.

I had to take a dress back I brought from H&M for a family event which was just a little too small and saw this racer back top. I love the colours and again it will just be really easy to throw on, on holiday. I just can't seem to keep away from H&M at the moment it has some amazing clothes and accessories in this summer at such great prices.


Lastly I don't know how I have never seen this shop before but it somehow missed my radar. My Brother wanted to pop into a shop next door so I thought id just take a little peek in not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised! Im talking about International.

A white bandeau to wear underneath gaping vest tops and the like.

A crochet crop top that id probably wear on holiday over a bikini.

This has to be my favourite top I brought over the last few days. I cannot begin to describe how gorgeous it is - the photo doesn't do it justice!

And finally just as I was walking out i spotted this floral headscarf which I had to go back for! It is such a soft material and only cost me £1.99!

If you haven't been into a International shop before I would defiantly check it out and you may be surprised!

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

OOTD - Dinner date

Just what is going on with the weather in England at the moment?!?!
One minute the sun is shining and the next its tipping it down with rain- urgh!

I thought id just share a little outfit I wore recently to dinner...

Blazer - Forever 21
Basic vest - Primark £2 in nude
 Jeans - Topshop Leigh style £36
Bag - Mulberry
Shoes - Primark £4 in nude
Necklace - Primark £3.50

I brought this blazer around Christmas time and it quickly turned into my most worn Spring jacket! It is so comfortable and easy to style with a gorgeous silk polka dot lining. I don't think I could now live without it!

- Hannah Kimberley  ♥

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Websites I am Loving

Today seems to have just been one of those days!

...So I have resorted to writing this snuggled up on my sofa with my not-so-little puppy dog snoring next to me and watching Geordie Shore! I have turned off my phone and am shutting the outside world out!

If theres one thing that never fails to cheer me up then it is online shopping! I just wanted to share a few websites I am loving at the moment...

I recently came across this website and had to order from it straight away! I ordered one of their 'Wrap dresses' in Royal Blue which doesn't seem to be on the website anymore although it is available in other colours. The dress came beautifully wrapped in black tissue paper and a pink silk ribbon tie which gave it that extra personal touch. The dress itself its perfect for summer and I cannot rave about it enough!!

Another recently discovered website which I am yet to order from but have a very long wish list! I love how this website offers a 'Modern' and 'Vintage' section at affordable prices.

I have known about and ordered from this website many times previously and would order from here over and over again! At the moment I am loving the playsuits they are doing and have just received this one I not so long ago ordered...

I've also heard The Saturday girls adore this website - whats good enough for them is defiantly good enough for me!

Are there any websites out there your loving at the moment?

- Hannah Kimberley ♥

Saturday, 11 June 2011

To buy or not to buy - Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

Ever since hearing about Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish I have been having a debate with myself as to whether or not to try it.

 I am very impressed with all the reviews I have read about it with 99% of them being positive but I am a skeptical person and have to wonder whether this is just the majority wanting to believe it is better than other (a lot cheaper) products out there. 

Just as I'd almost convinced myself to go ahead and buy my skin had miraculously cleared up after having more than my fair share of breakouts growing up. I had been using a Clearasil wash and then a Clearasil toner which seemed to be doing the job...until now! I think too many late nights which resulted in my make up not being taken off as well as I should have has been the main cause BUT every cloud has a silver lining and mine is I think its finally time to see what all the fuss is about!

Ive just ordered my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Starter Kit from the website for £13.25.
 I cant wait for it to arrive and to try it!

-Hannah Kimberley ♥