Thursday, 23 June 2011

OOTD - Let the sun shine

Oh please let the sun shinee!

I have been desperately waiting to wear all my new Summer buys and I'm fed up of waiting!

I decided to brave the cold temperature and wind for this outfit in the hope for some sun!

Top - Primark £8
Vest Top -Primark £2
Chino Trousers - Just Mila £29.99
Flats - Primark £4
Belt - Primark £2
Necklace - Urban Outfitters £18

I didn't realise how much Primark I was wearing!

What do you think of Chino trousers? I find them so comfortable to wear!

- Hannah Kimberley


  1. Cute outfit :)
    I havn't worn chino's yet.... think they look nice though!

    Where near Brighton are you from? :)

  2. @Lorna Rose - Thank you :) I was unsure of them at first but they are so comfy! I am from a little town in West Sussex near Gatwick, are you from around this area too? xx

  3. Love this outfit!xxx

  4. Yeah Hannah, I'm from Eastbourne and moving to Falmer in september for Uni :) Nice to see someone local-ish! xx

  5. @Lucy - Thank you! I wasn't sure at first but i am now attached to my chino's! xx

    @Elise - Thank you! xx

  6. Love this outfit :-) I recently bought some khaki chinos from Primark and love them may get some beige ones too :-) x