Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hair SOS - help!

Right girls - I need urgent help!

Let me explain my story...

My hair has always been in pretty good condition despite rarely getting it cut (mostly because i have been lazy) and I have only straightened it a handful of times. For several years I used to just leave my hair natural but recently I brought the Babyliss Glam Waves wide barrel tongs. I featured these in my May Favourites post and completely adore the look they give BUT after having used them for the past month Ive found they have just destroyed the ends of my hair. I have previously used a small barrelled tong from Babyliss which you don't have to secure your hair into as you start mid way up your hair and curl down. However with the Glam Waves you secure the ends of your hair into the clip and then roll up towards your roots and hold. I only had my hair cut two weeks ago and already my ends are split. The ends are coarse, dry and broken. I am in serious need of product recommendations which any of you lovely ladies have and would share with me. I have lathered my hair in conditioner for the last few days but that doesn't seem to be doing any help! I would be very grateful (and so would my hair!) if anyone has any suggestions...

-Hannah Kimberley ♥

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