Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Home sweet home

This morning I woke up hoping and praying yesterday had all been a dream and in fact I was still in our beautiful Villa in Spain - alas disappointment soon struck!
My post holiday blues seemed to hit me as soon as I stepped on the plane to return home and are still staying strong! I had such an incredible week relaxing with my family and best friend. We mixed the days up between spending time at our pool and going to the beach then ate out in the evenings followed by many cocktails!
Needless to say even out in Spain I couldn't control my spending habit. The impulse buyer in me defiantly made several appearences last week!

I know in my previous 'How's my hair? 001' post I mentioned I would do a 'Whats in my hand luggage?' type of post buuut as usual I seemed to completely miss judge and under estimate how much time I would need to pack which ended up in me running madly around the house at 2am gathering all I could! So seeing as how I am off away again in a couple of weeks I will make sure to plan my time better and get it up done for you then.

I missed blogging last week and am super excited to get back into the swing of it.
Untill next time...

-Hannah Kimberley ♥



  1. oh my gosh your villa looks gorgeous. Where about's in spain is it? I've just been to see my parents who are living near to mojacar


  2. @Eloise - It was amazing - I couldnt believe the view! We flew to Malaga and then stayed in a town called Nerja - can't say Ive heard of mojacar! xo

  3. This looks amazing, glad you had a lovely time. post holiday blues are the worst :( xxx