Wednesday, 13 July 2011

OOTD - Denim shorts

Lately I've been finding I have no idea what weather to dress for - its just so unpredictable and forever changing!
I have found myself filling my bag with such contradictory items to make sure I am prepared for any weather!
Sunglasses? An umbrella? Suncream? A jumper?
Will it please just make up its mind!

I'm going through a more comfort over style look at the moment.
 I have really not been in the mood to squeeze myself into tight jeans and struggle all day so please say hello to my favourite most lived in item of the moment...

My denim Hollister shorts.

Comfortable, cool and casual.

I have been pairing them with cardigans, jackets and jumpers as it hasn't quite been warm enough to wear with just a top.
Below I wore with a white basic top and added a black blazer to smarten it up and keep my warm. I find this black blazer such a versatile piece - a definite staple necessity for any wardrobe!

Denim shorts - Hollister
Basic white vest - Primark
Blazer - H&M
Necklace - Primark
Bracelet - Pandora
Nude flats - Primark

How have you been keeping comfortable in this ever changing weather?!

On another note I failed my shopping ban I restarted - I lasted 2 days this time! But oh how it was worth failing to come soon!

- Hannah Kimberley


  1. I love this outfit!!! :) I always fail my shopping bans too :(

    Gem x

  2. your shorts are gorgeous! were they expensive? xx

  3. @Gem - Thank you! There are just far too many pretty things out there to resist at the moment! xx

    @mel-davies - They are from Hollister and were about £34. They are great and have so many styles and colours! xx