Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Monthly Favourites - June 2011

I get so excited by monthly favourite posts in the hope of discovering something new!

I had far too many products I could have included this month but have narrowed it down to my most reached for...

My products of the month

  • Umberto Giannini Sex Bomb Massive Mousse Where was I when it was explained to you mousse = volume and how had I missed this?!?! I love the smell of all the Umberto Giannini products and you can always get a great deal on them in Boots. I scrunch a handful of mousse into the roots of wet hair and then blow dry for an extra lift. I stayed at my cousins house last week and was devastated to discover I had forgotten my mousse! I can't live without it!
  • Batiste XXL Volume I may be slightly cheating here as I only picked this up about a week ago but I couldn't not include it! Ive used it every day since (even more than once a day a few times!) I like how it can be used for volume as well as as a dry shampoo. I spray a tiny amount to the roots after I have washed my hair which seems to work miracles! The only negative I have which is to be expected is that it makes my hair very dry. Now all they need to do is bring out a travel size for me to pop in my handbag.
  • Sudocrem I read somewhere Cheryl Cole swears by this and uses it every night without fail so if its good enough for Chezza its good enough for me! I have just run out of the new handy 30ml tube and couldn't get my hands on another so opted for the 200ml tub. For value for money the tub gives you a lot more and works out cheaper so I may just stick to the tub in the future. I love the way it makes my skin feel in the morning - smooth and soft ready for my make up to be applied!

  • Emollient Cream After being driven insane by my moaning about my legs my Dad picked me up some emollient cream from his work. I had never heard of this before but I have such sensitive legs that after I shave them they become irritated and sore so this cream is a little god send. It instantly soothes them and brings down the irritation. I find that some moisturisers with a scent in can irritate my skin even more so this being scentless is great. You can normally find it at any local pharmacy. It applies just like a usual moisturiser and absorbs quickly into the skin once rubbed.

  • MAC lipstick in Creme Cup  My most prized lipstick! I asked my Dad to pick this up for me in Duty Free at the airport at the beginning of the month after reading many great reviews! The colour is just so me. I actually had it in my clutch bag this weekend and because of the hot weather it started to melt which had me in despair! None of my family understood my pain but I'm sure there are some reading this that will!

  • Benefit Highbeam Since the recent Glamour giveaway I'm sure you are all aware of this one. I didn't actually manage to get my hands on the highbeam sample although I already have one I would have liked a backup as mines running low. The Summer has reignited my love for this product to add that sun kissed healthy glow. I apply everyday without fail on my cheek bones and brow bones. I will defiantly be repurchasing!
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette I know I know you must be bored of this one by now but how can it not be mentioned when I use it everyday! My love for it just seems to grow and grow! I tend to go for more simple colours in the Summer so my favourite have been Naked and Smog.

My Perfume of the month
  • Escada Taj Sunset I was given this as a gift a few months ago and thought it would be a great Summer scent. Although I probably wouldn't have chosen it myself it has grown on me and Ive been reaching for it most days. I find it so hard to describe smells but if you think of a light mix of mango and coconut your on the right lines! I can see myself spritzing this on on holiday to go the beach or for lunch as its light and fresh. 

My Jewellery of the month
  • llymrs mix of 5 rings - I took advantage of the offer llymrs had on her website whilst she was away when she was offering 20% off. There were so many rings I wanted I just couldn't decided so went with the mix of 5 rings for £10. With the 20% discount it cancelled out the delivery charge so for £2 a ring I am stunned. I was worried I may not like a couple as you cant choose but I love all of them! I have been mixing them up to try different combinations everyday and am even considering buying another 5.

My Songs of the month
  • Ed Sheeran - The A team
  • Chris Brown - Fallen angel
My Nail Polish of the month
  • Coral by Barry M I feel slightly embarrassed to say thinking back over the last month I don't think I have worn any other colour nail varnish - what can I say I'm obsessed with coral! It seems to go with everything and anything and looks even better with a tan - WIN!

What have your favourite products been this month?

- Hannah Kimberley ♥


  1. oh i want that purfume sooooo bad!! please somebody buy it for me lol xxx

  2. I love the naked palette too! I've only just brought it :)

    Also, I know everyone has heard of ed sheeran's the a team, but I first heard it as being called little lady - ft mikill pane.. its a little bit more upbeat but still really good :)

  3. Fab favourites Batiste was on mine too its amazing :D x

  4. @Katie Crunch - It smells so yummy just like holiday and the beach!! You must get it! xx

    @Carina - I only got mine a few months ago and now don't know how I ever lived without it! I love him so will check out that song thank you! xx

    @Catherine - I think Batiste has now turned into one of my essential items! xx

  5. I'm intrigued about using Sudocream! Is it good? Have you noticed any difference to your skin? I think I need to get that huge Batiste aswell! Following you :) x

  6. @Bec Norris - I find Sudocream great, you must try it! I had an awful breakout recently and this has been my best friend!It leaves it feeling so soft in the morning too:) Thank you for following, I love your blog! xx