Friday, 15 July 2011

My edition of...Project 10 Pan.

I must stop being distracted by all of your blogs!
 Every time I go to write I find hours just escape me reading.

I've seen the 'Project 10 pan' posts floating around which (being nosey and all) I enjoy reading so thought I would do my own little edition on it. Every time I manage to use up 10 products whether it be make up related, hair care related, skin related I would do a little post to show you and share my repurchases.

So here we go... My edition of 'Project 10 Pan.'

The products have varied in the amount of time I have been using them but coincidentally all ran out within a week of each other.

Hair care

  • V05 Shampoo and Conditioner - I opted for 'gloss me smoothly' after seeing these on offer for 2 for £5.00. The pink packaging really stood out to me and having tried and few other products from he new V05 range and being impressed thought why not give them go. To be honest I don't have anything particularly positive or negative to say about them. I wouldn't say I really noticed must of a difference in my hair either good or bad. They smell nice, the pink packaging grabbed my attention, have I found my go to Shampoo? I don't think so and shall remain looking.
  • Schwarzkopf 'got2be' hairspray - I featured this in my 'May favourites' as my new 'go to' hairspray. This still remains. I can't get enough of the amaaaazing berrylicious smell!
  • Umberto Giannini 'sex bomb massive mousse' - This was also featured in a monthly favourites my July monthly favourites. I love this mousse but hadn't tried many others so thought I would try a different brand but it just doesn't compare!
  • Batiste - Need I say more?! An essential I just need in my life! I kept this bottle in my car for those times when I needed to freshen up on the go.

Body care

  • Garnier 'Mineral' deodorant
  • Sure deodorant  - Not particularly interesting I'm afraid! To me a deodorant is just a deodorant. I don't have a 'go to' deodorant which I always buy I usually just pick up whichever has the best bargain on it! I've never used one which has been particularly different to the previous one. I do however prefer them in unscented so it doesn't mix with my perfume causing a mess of smells!

Skin care

  • Nivea moisturiser - I liked this moisturiser as it is a slightly thicker formula than some other moisturisers I have tried which I prefer. However it does not have a SPF in it which is essential for me especially in the Summer.
  • Clearasil 'Clear n'Refine daily scrub' - My holy grail of skin scrubs. This seems to do wonders for my skin, I only discovered it worked so well for me a few months ago and have already been through three tubes. It has really helped to clear up my recent skin catastrophe from using ahem Liz Earle. (Yes I know!)
  • Nivea Visage '2 in 1 Cleanser and toner' - I like to use this after I have used the daily scrub above to just make sure I have taken every last bit of make up off thoroughly. Its super gentle and has a milky consistency which also seems to be a good little eye make up remover if I don't have any to hand- a multi purpose product!
Any repurchases?

Yes! I will be repurchasing five out of the ten products I have used up this month.

Have any of you tried any products I have mentioned here? What did you think of them?

- Hannah Kimberley ♥


  1. i use the nivea daily essentials moisturizer! it's fab isn't it, exactly what it says! :) ronan xxx

  2. I love the vo5 shampoo and conditioner, how cute are the bottles?! x

  3. new follower!