Saturday, 16 July 2011

I know you get me, so I let my walls come down...

Isn't it gorgeous?
I stupidly burnt a whole through one of my most loved tops last week with the iron - urghh.
After having a little moan to my boyfriend about how much I loved it he went and had a sneaky look for it to surprise me with - although they didn't have the same one he picked this one out for me as a replacement which I love a lot. Whats more last month I did a little post on everything coral I was loving and lo& behold this top was there! Now he 'says' he had no idea I had posted about it so is this just one of those crazy coincidences that shows how well he knows me? Whatever the reason this ended up in my hands made me a very happy girl.


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  1. That's a gorge jumper! Love your project 10 post below as well :-) thanks for the comment I want to try their blushes as well! I love bourgeois blush!xx following :-)