Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Weekend Haul - Guildford

Hello everyone!

I should start off by letting you all know I failed.
 Yes I failed my shopping ban!
I think I lasted about two weeks which I'm still pretty proud of as I need love to shop. I fought the temptations of online bargains and resisted going anywhere near a Topshop, Primark and H&M which seemed to do the trick.
I wasn't planning on even going shopping this weekend but when my dad spontaneously mentioned a trip to Guildford it would have been rude to let him go alone right..?!

Guildford is a large town about an hour from where I live which I usually visit once every few months. They pretty much have every shop you can imagine so its great when your looking for something specific but Sunday was more of just a casual mooch.

As well as wandering around a few shops my dad wanted to look in I managed to sneak away for a little as Topshop, Primark and H&M were calling my name!
 Primark is a recently new addition to Guildford so id never been in before but it was a good size so I was happy. I picked up a couple of summer Esq jumpers as the weather is just so unpredictable here. I couldn't have been more happy when I spotted the pink one as Ive been eyeing up a nearly identical one in Topshop for a couple of months now for more than double the price. I'm not a great lover of wearing pink but this is so bright and great to colour block with I wanted to give it a try. I thought it would look nice under a plain black blazer(which I also brought!)

The maxi dress was an unsure purchase and I'm still undecided. I love the colours but it is slightly too long and too big - I'm only a small 5ft 4 and I had to get it in a size 10 but it may work for holiday.  I seem to be so picky when it comes to maxi dresses I haven't been able to find one which is perfect yet they are either too long, too short, too see through or just make me feel like a whale!

Sunglasses, shoes and make up wipes were little extras I threw in at the last minute - I'm the most clumsiest person that ever existed so am forever breaking sunglasses.
These shoes were reduced from £2.50 to £1 they may not be the most comfortable but they will be ideal to throw on on holiday.

The Topshop store layout was so well put together and organised I found it so easy to look around which i love as I am pretty lazy when it comes to shopping - I like to be able to just scan a shop and see everything! This was the last top left and in my size...it must have been fate.

H&M wasn't such a pleasant experience - too many people and long ques at the tills. I must have been waiting 15 minutes in a que that seemed to go on for miles with only ONE sales assistant serving - that really irritates me! Ive been looking for a plain black blazer so this one fit the brief perfectly. I also wanted to get it in cream but they didn't have my size :( waa.
 About a month ago I brought a semi high waisted blue and white floaty stripe skirt which I just had no idea what to wear with as everything I tried looked awful. After reading through a few blogs(I cant remember which) I was inspired to try it with a plain white strapless top which goes perfectly!

Lastly I am on the hunt for a new foundation.
 Having run out of my drugstore foundation I went for the Bourjous healthy mix to try having heard great things about it. I also use the Estee lauder Double Wear for evenings or special occasions but I just find it too heavy and hard to blend in the Summer so I picked up a sample of the Double Wear Light to have a little play around with. I then couldn't resist having a little word with the very nice lady at the Chanel counter who gave me samples of Chanel Pro Luminare and Vitalumiere which I'm megaaa excited to use!

Having had my shopping fix I should try and go back to the Shopping ban for the next week and a half before holiday but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to!

How has your weekend been?

-Hannah Kimberley ♥


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  2. loving your blog :) xx


  3. lol, epic fail on my recent shopping ban too! love your haul :)