Friday, 1 July 2011

Panoxyl review & WARNING!

The perfect little problem solver? Or the nightmare mistake you wish you hadn't tried?
Before trying this product almost a year ago I knew very little about it having had it recommended by a friend. All I was after was a quick cure for my blemish prone skin having tried everything else on the market and none of it working. I purchased my Panoxyl at a local Boots pharmacy and was asked which percentage I wanted. Wanting my skin to clear up in the fastest time possible I opted for the highest percentage 10%- mistake number one.
After applying to clean skin I put it on the affected areas. Almost instantly my skin felt tight and uncomfortable but I persisted in using it every night for about a week. After a weeks use I couldn't bear the effect it was having on my skin so stopped using it for a few days. My skin was as dry as the Sahara dessert! I couldn't even apply make up as it looked so awful and patchy.
It hurt to touch, talk or even smile but did I learn my lesson? Of course not!

A few weeks after my skin was back to normal and another breakout would not budge I found myself reaching for my Panoxyl once again despite the effects it had before. This time not only did my skin become incredibly dry and sore but I also suffered an allergic reaction. I woke up the morning after using it and was shocked at the sight of my eyes. My eyes had swollen up to the size of golf balls and I couldn't see out of the left one. I found myself on antihistamine tablets for 3 days whilst nursing the swelling with cold cotton pads!
Luckily after 3 days the swelling subsided and I was back to normal - despite still having slightly dry skin.
Was it worth it? NO!

My advice to you if your thinking of using Panoxyl is to start with the lowest percentage. They do a 2.5% and work up to a higher percentage if needed.  I would also recommend you have a moisturiser on standby to avoid crocodile like skin!

Learn from my mistakes!

- Hannah Kimberley ♥


  1. great review hun, its crazy stuff i used the highest one first and my skin swelled up and went bright red and burnt and was soooo itchy! anyway i bought the lowest one and it seems fine, although it still does dry my skin and makes it scaly xxx

  2. atleast you tried it
    it sounds like an absolute pain though!