Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'm doing nothing cos then atleast im doing nothing wrong

A recent rediscovery I have pulled from the back of my wardrobe not thinking I would need again until Autumn - how wrong I was! My outfits have been rather plain recently having not been particularly inspired by the rain that continues to fall. However Ive been adding simple accessories like this scarf to change add a little something. It's a gorgeous semi-sheer material with a floral and skull pattern. The obvious inspiration here being 'that' Alexander McQueen scarf . I do actually have the 'real deal' near the top of my wish list which as soon as funds allow I WILL be snapping up! (Please excuse my little brother's gormless expression in the last picture!)

 Today has turned into one of the most unproductive days in a while. I attempted to prepare for my holiday by popping into town to pick up a few essentials but failed, badly, so another trip will be needed later in the week! Is five days before I jet away on holiday too late to start an attempt at shaping up for the beach? I think I may have left it a little late but its better late than never right?! The gym was torture today - having not been for a few days I felt like a fish out of water. If looking at those bikinis I have to wear in five days isn't  enough motivation I don't know what is!

Any quick/easy/lazy tricks or tips would be very much appreciated :)

- Hannah Kimberley ♥


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